CHÈRET, created in Paris by global creators, is a very popular brand.
The design that reflects the French art nouveau culture has classical and modern
beauty and pursues naturalism.


The Color Gold Collection is a key point strategy of the brand and is a sensational plan that has not been proposed by other gold companies.
We are planning to introduce colorful products every year by platting 7 rainbow colors on gold to customers who are burdened with yellow gold.


The beauty of 24K gold can be added to the value when it becomes one
with the completion of fashion, not ownership itself, so the reinterpretation of
CHERET gold is also the emergence of new values that the times want.
The sensorable combination of design and materials that this era
wants was born in Paris through global creators.

We invite you to the world of the
new high-end brand of gold values and naturalistic collars that never change.


Head designer

Yunhye KIM

The contemporary design and 24K gold’s sensorable mix cross the boundaries of the existing jewelry market.
We propose a new concept called Advanced High-End Luxury Jewelry Sherley-Fone