Sud de la France

Brise Marine line

This collection was inspired by the French symbolist poet’s ‘BRISE MARINE’ (the breeze of the sea).

  • BRISE MARINE pursues the unreachable and unknown beauty, imagining the golden seaside scenery of southern France.
  • It is formatively reminiscent of the wind blowing shape and presents asymmetrical production with a simple and sophisticated motif.
  • Inspired by naturalism and non-artificial forms, this collection seeks to style boldly and creatively.

Men’s Cassis line

Southern France’s treasure, the winds of Cassis Beach.

  • A dream of sailing on a boat at Cassis Beach. Offering adventure, free escape and travel.
  • The compass, which tells you the direction and position on the sea, stands for CHÈRET’s naturalism and the spirit of challenge.
  • The linear silhouette felt from the vertical coastal cliff is a line that shows the simplicity and strength.